This Student’s Heart Diagram Is The Funniest Thing On Internet Today

Remember the times we took our class tests and ended up looking at the ceiling when we didn’t know an answer? Surely, many of us, occasionally, wrote in our exams what made little sense, but it saved us from the embarrassment of leaving a blank sheet. However, an answer sheet of a student, who appeared to know what he was doing, is making people laugh like never before.

It’s this student’s anatomy of a heart that’s making the rounds on social media. Asked to draw and label a heart diagram, the student opted to make it a little more personal than one could imagine. Instead of naming chambers of the heart, the candidate wrote the names of girls: Haritha, Priya, Pooja, Roopa, and Namitha, and even went on to describe their roles in his life. The video, which tickled the internet’s funny bone, received 1 million likes on Instagram. 

The student’s thoughts for each name were conveyed through a brief description. For instance, the student said that Haritha was a “classmate” who apparently occupied his right atrium.

Occupying the left atrium, Priya is well-known for her persistent friendship on Instagram conversations.

Pooja, the memorable ex, symbolised by an outlined sobbing face, is in his right ventricle.

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Roopa dwells, in his left ventricle, is noted for being attractive and chats on Snapchat.

The lowermost part of the heart was designated for Namitha, the neighbour’s daughter with big eyes and long hair.

The video of the answer sheet was shared on social media, and the comment section was bound to be lit.

A user commented, “At least he drew a heart diagram. 2 marks to milne chahiye thay.” 

Another user said, “Student rocked, teacher shocked.”

“At least he is not afraid to tell the truth of heart,” read another comment.

Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Bro is trying to forget his ex.”

However, some individuals questioned the answer sheet’s veracity by pointing out that the teacher and student’s handwriting appeared identical.

On a light-hearted note, individuals continued by tagging their friends and stating that it was most likely their paper that was leaked.

The teacher gave this artistic effort a grade of 0/10 and responded with a concise, “Ok… call your parents.”

Where would you rate such an effort?

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